Emson Pressure Smoker

The Only Indoor Pressure Smoker & Cooker

A Pressure Cooker and Smoker in one appliance! Internal pressure increases by 15 psi, cooking food up to 70% faster while causing wood chips to release their fragrant, flavor-enhancing smoke. The internal chamber requires only three to five wood chips to infuse authentic barbecue smoke flavor into food. Great Smoke Flavor! Available in 5qt and 7qt sizes.

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Description of Operation

The Emson Smoker Gourmet Smoker/Cooker combines the modern scientific method of pressure baking with pressure smoking to get that "old-fashioned" smoke flavor. It does this economically, automatically, and in a fraction of the time taken to prepare barbeque by ordinary methods.

In operation as a barbeque appliance, place a small amount of wood (hickory or other woods) in the smoke generator cup. Meats or foods to be cooked are prepared according to the recipes and then placed into the food basket. The capacity of the unit is up to 4 pounds depending on the size and shape of the product to be cooked. After the cooker is loaded with the food to be cooked, put the cover in place. Heat is applied and pressure builds in the appliance. At the same time, the wood chars and creates smoke. The smoke is forced through the food under pressure. The relief valve releases a small amount of steam from
time to time to control the pressure.

Generally, the more wood chips placed into the cup the stronger the smoke flavor in the food being cooked. The more time used to cook meat in the appliance, the more tender the meat becomes.

Ιf уоu'rе longing fоr thе great tаѕtе оf smoked mеаtѕ аt home, but dоn't feel lіkе dеаlіng with а bіg, bulky оutdооr ѕmоkеr, then thе Emson Electric Indoor Pressure Smoker is thе ѕоlutіоn you've bееn lооkіng for.


The Only Indoor Pressure Smoker

Even the best outdoor smokers typically take at least a few hours to smoke meats to perfection. But because the Emson Electric 5Qt Smoker- The Only Indoor Pressure Smoker combines smoking and pressure cooking in one device, you can actually enjoy a few pounds of authentic smoked meats or poultry in about an hour and a half.


Innovative and works well

Easy to setup and use. Turned out some GREAT smoked pork and smoked chicken on my first try, and oh so FAST. The speed will amaze you. Built solid and easy to relieve pressure after done cooking, no fear.

Clay "Made in Hawaii" - Amazon Review


As a matter of ease and convenience, this product is a dream. The meats that I have cooked have been delicious, particularly the cornish game hens. The smoker seems better equipped for poultry than beef based on my initial results, but I am still experimenting.

JMack - Amazon Review

Amazing Smoker Makes Amazing Smoked Chicken

The indoor pressure cooker smoker can cook up to 4-pounds of food at once, and even cold smoke cheeses. For us in the Northeast outdoor smoking ends in October, and indoor smoking? Well we would have never thought such a thing existed until now. And now with the Emson indoor smoker we think our long winter ahead looks smoky and bright.

Jay Brewer - Amazon Review

We've been using this weekly since we got it. It works great, it's easy to use and it is FAST. In less than hour, you can have delicious, tender, fall off the bone ribs.

*rose* - Amazon Review

Great Device

Have done ribs and brisket, and they have been great. Two tips:

- don't use too many chips. The thing imparts smokiness pretty efficiently, so I'd say you only need to fill the cup to about half of what it can hold to get enough smoke for a full 4lbs of pork or beef. I filled the thing to capacity the first time I used it and it was too much smokiness.

- finish with a few minutes in the broiler to crisp things up. As a pressure cooker the texture of finished product is lacking the crisp and "bark" of proper BBQ. Crisping things in the broiler helps make up for this a little.

Cyrus Samii - Amazon Review

Tasty Meat

I bought this as a Christmas gift for my husband. It is a pressure cooker with an element inside that burns woods chips and imparts the smoked flavor. The meat stays very moist and the flavor is wonderful. You can use it for cold smoking too. We have tried chicken, brats, and country style pork ribs, and they all tasted great. It's nice to be able to eat smoked meats prepared in less than an hour indoors while it's freezing and snowing outside. The whole house smells good too. I think I scored big points with my husband with this gift.

Loesje Shema "loeloebelle" - Amazon Review

Great invention for smoked meat lovers.....

his is a great item for those of us living in apartments or condos where you can't have open flames and BBQ or grill the way it's supposed to be done. This pressure smoker will allow you to smoke meat inside your home. The hot smoke setting does not release smoke into the home, but you do smell a bit of smokiness while it's working. The cold smoke setting does release more of the smokiness into your cooking area. It has a limit of about 2 lbs of pork loin or about 20 chicken wings, so the capacity is good for a family but not for inviting a bunch of friends over.

You use three or four small wood chips in a specially designed container that you slide onto a heating element in the bottom. Then there is the main rack with three add-on racks to hold your food. Without the racks you can smoke a medium sized whole chicken. With the racks you can smoke chicken wings, pork, salmon, etc. I'll be smoking tomatoes soon to try a smoked tomato soup recipe that I have.

It's not inexpensive, however, I'm in Miami now where restaurants think BBQ is cooking food in an oven and putting some sauce on it. Having moved from Kansas City where there are dozens and dozens of great BBQ restaurants, this is giving me a touch of what I've missed in Florida. I will definitely get my money's worth from this pressure smoker.

D. Houck - Amazon Review

This thing cooks food fast and makes a mean tasty dinner. And who wouldn’t want smoked meat all year long with out having to deal with the mess of a traditional cooker? Let us know how your BBQ Brisket works out. Technology is grand these days.


The Indoor Pressure Smoker comes with a 2 year limited warranty at no additional charge. If this product ever disappoints you, for any reason, you may return it for exchange, credit, or refund.

Should you have any questions, we are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Please call 1-800-423-4248 to speak with a product specialist.

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